What do tenants want from a rental property manager?

Congratulations, you just bought your first property, and you are going through the process of finding property management in DC. You probably already know what you want from your management company, and you have likely already compiled a list and begun asking questions to narrow down the options for rental property management services. Something that you may not have already thought about is what your future tenants might want out of the property management team. This is a crucial consideration that a lot of property owners fail to think about, but it is one that can make a world of difference. Sure, you can have a great building with good amenities, and that will be sure to attract tenants. If you want the highest quality tenants who will stay, treat the property well, pay on time, and recommend the building to other people, then you will need to make sure they stay happy. How well your property management company performs is crucial in making your tenants happy. Below are some of the things that tenants say they want most out of property managers.

1. Landscaping services

People who live in apartments, condos and even townhouses, do not have a lot of room to store lawnmowers and other garden tools. Because of lack of storage, renters appreciate good landscaping services from the property manager. The basicrental-1s that are required are lawn mowing, edging, and filling in patches in lawns. If you go above and beyond by trimming bushes, picking up stray tree branches, and planting flowers, then your tenants will be happier about the appearance of their neighborhood. An attractive neighborhood also leaves a good impression on potential tenants.



2. Snow removal services


Excellent snow removal services are something that will keep tenants in a building for a longer period of time. Different tenants have different reasons for needing snow removed for them. Older renters definitely prefer to live in a building that handles all snow removal because once you reach a certain age, it is impossible to do this chore on your own. Families appreciate these services because it makes a snow day much more enjoyable when you can build snowmen, make snow angels, and go sledding rather than shovel snow all day. 20-something residents will appreciate snow removal services because a lot of them will not have a shovel. No matter what their age or situation, all renters appreciate snow removal because with condominiums and apartments, it can be difficult to determine who should shovel what.

3. Conflict resolution

Tenants want a property management company that will handle conflicts quickly. Whether it’s a noise complaint, a broken HVAC system, or property damage from a storm, the quicker a problem is handled, the better. We have all heard about the property manager that takes five days to repair a tenants broken AC unit during the hottest months of the year. Do not let that be your property manager.

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