Press Release Tips: How to Write Punchy Headlines That Make the Journalist Want to Click

Writing a press release follows the right syntax and format. The headline, which is one of the most important parts of a release must be written in a way that will grab the media attention in just a few seconds.

When journalists look at the headlines, they should understand what your press release distribution for small business is all about. It should highlight the main point that you want to share with the public.

If your headline seems absurd, expect not to get a click from journalists. You have to make it newsworthy, interesting and unique.

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Here are 6 tips to help you craft headlines that appeal to journalists:

  1. Make it short and sweet.

You may have read it many times, once again you have to remember to craft a short and concise headline. Make it pleasing to the readers and to the search engines.

Long headlines are boring. A shorter one is easy to understand and has a greater impact. If you want to add more thoughts to it, you can create a subheading.

Follow the AP style of writing. Use abbreviations when necessary to shorten the words. However, make sure that your shorten words are general words and not jargons.

You want to make sure that everyone can understand what the abbreviations mean. For example, you can write WHO for World Health Organization and Corp for Corporation.

If you are presenting data, make use of the numbers in the headline. It gives more impact. You can use 100, instead of the word one hundred.

If you want to emphasize the percentage, you can use the symbol % rather than percent. If you’re not sure, review the proper way of writing headlines that follow the AP style.

  1. Use active voice.

Active voice creates a strong and command impact than passive voice. When using active voice, it seems that you are demanding your readers, which creates a perception that they will follow.

  1. Write the headline like a journalist.

Read the headlines of the newspapers. Check how your target journalist writes the headline of their articles.

Your headline should be written like how a reporter writes it. If you don’t have an idea, check the recent articles of one of your target reporters. Focus on how it is written.

The headline should have a unique angle, short and interesting. It should also grab the reader’s attention in a few seconds.

  1. Include emotions.

Think of headlines that stir the reader’s emotion. Read your headline, does it make the reader laugh, angry or curious?

Remember that stories with emotions have more potential to be read and shared. People are human beings that are naturally attracted to stories that have an impact on their emotions. They can easily relate to it.

  1. It contains no jargons and unnecessary words.

Journalists don’t like to see pitches with headlines that contain jargons. Jargons are industry terms that can be understood only by the people in the industry. Including  these terms for your release doesn’t appeal to readers.

People don’t understand jargons. It will make them want to turn away from your release, instead of reading it.

Aside from jargons, don’t use buzzwords and adjectives that don’t add meaning to what you’re trying to say. Don’t forget that you’re writing a press release and not just an article. Your motive is to present facts.

Refrain from using adjectives, such as amazing, the best, greatest, highest, amazing, etc. State the facts straight.

  1. Make it meaningful.

When you write headlines, it is a common thing that you want to include the name of your brand or company. However, you have to know that reporters don’t mind your brand.

They are more interested in your story. Provide value to their readers rather than talking about your brand.

Remember these simple rules in writing a good headline. It’s easy to neglect these rules, but it’s harder when your release is not picked up by the press.


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